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An orphan Christmas

December 14, 2012

Australian Santa

by Adam Lea

This year is my first Christmas in 12 years that I will be spending not in my marriage and the first in 9 years without my kids.

I have them for part of Christmas Day which is great, but I have no family in Australia so I am effectively having an orphan Christmas this year.

Luckily for me Melbourne is a great place to be an orphan if you have money. There are lots of people in a similar situation and I have had 3 offers for the main days and I will be travelling to Sorrento with friends from Boxing Day till just after New Year’s so don’t worry about me!

Anyway, this situation has led me to think a great deal more about Christmas and the purpose of it, after the obvious commercial ones.

The work we do at Life Resolutions is really important, and never less so than at Christmas time. But I’m not a psychologist and only a marketing person could spin what I do into having some ‘good’ effect in our community!

So, not out of guilt but more out of a new found awareness for the orphans of Australia, I will be donating the money my Mum and Dad have decided to send me and I’m going to donate my presents (and any other gift money too) to kids who aren’t as privileged as I am, and definitely need Christmas to mean something special.

And I urge you to do the same through The Smith Family.

Adam Lea is the National Sales & Marketing Director for Life Resolutions Australia.

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