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3 Ways To A Healthier Body Image

October 16, 2012

Depressed about your body image?  Is your body image causing you to be depressed?  It’s a vicious cycle, and sometimes what we see in the mirror is not what others see.  People in our lives can love us just the way we are and see us as beautiful, whereas we see a distorted caricature.

Clinical psychologist  Deborah Serani, author of the book “Living With Depression”, recommends the following 3 tips for improving your self-image:

  1. Don’t buy into the media: “Put down the magazines, turn away from commercials and other visual media and just take a moment to look around. The human race comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.”
  2. Challenge the harsh inner chatter: Pay attention to your inner language, challenge it and find realistic alternatives. For instance, if you find yourself saying, “I’m not pretty enough,” reply with, “Says who? I have to stop this hurtful kind of talk. I am beautiful. Inside and out. There’s no one in the world like me.”
  3. Embrace and celebrate your body: “Love your lines and contours, the curves and angles, your virtues as well as your flaws because they make you singularly unique.  From the figure you cut in your clothes and to the shape you take in your birthday suit, pamper, praise and be passionate about your body.”

What ways have you found helpful in challenging the distorted mirror image you have of yourself?  Do friends and family help or hinder you?

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