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Failure is feedback

October 15, 2012

Failing at something hurts.  It’s embarrassing.  It can make us feel inadequate, depressed.  These are all valid emotional reactions, but as life coach Yvonne Collier says, failure is also feedback – and we have an opportunity to adjust our actions accordingly in the future:

“When failure happens, there is a gap before you act and react. The gap can be filled with an immediate knee-jerk reaction or it can be filled with something else. What story will you tell yourself in the gap? Are you a victim or a hero? You have a choice.”

Business coach Victor Sultas concurs, saying that we need to ask ourselves the right kind of questions after a failure in order to move forward constructively:

“Start by focusing on what the options are and possibilities [will] appear.  Failures contain seeds of success if we are willing to see that we create our own reality.”

This is not magical thinking, it’s constructive.  Learning from failure is an essential part of moving on from it.

Source: Failure Is An Option: How Setbacks Breed Success by Terry Robson 

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