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Organise your work day in 4 easy steps

October 9, 2012

Is your work week just a blur?  The morning commute, arrive at your desk, computer on…before you know it, the day is over and you feel like you’ve achieved nothing.

A busy office environment can often be very distracting, and creating structure and rules around your work week can significantly reduce stress.  In her book “The Art Of Extreme Self-Care”, author Cheryl Richardson suggests the following four things to organise your day:

  • Take some time every morning to plan your day, rather than just diving in
  • Checking voicemail or email at predetermined times throughout the day
  • Scheduling weekly meetings at the same time
  • Giving yourself 20 minutes before you leave to tie up the day’s loose ends

All valid pieces of advice: a road map in the morning can break up what seems like an unmanageable schedule into bite-size chunks, the vortex of constantly checking and replying to emails can be restricted by scheduling it the same way you would a meeting; grouping meetings together allows you to have uninterrupted work time on set days; and time to wind down before rushing out the door allows you to relax for the evening knowing that a good day’s work has been done.

If work is starting to get on top of you, talking to a psychologist can help you get some perspective and put plans together for your self-care in the workplace.  You may need help confronting some long-standing issues with a colleague or manager but don’t know how to approach it.  All of these are valid reasons to book an appointment today – if your workplace has an EAP programme in place, it may not cost you a cent.

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  1. October 9, 2012 11:06 pm

    This is great advice! I’ve found that I never regret giving myself an extra 20 minutes in my morning routine. It always seems to be used somewhere and I’m getting out the door right on time, but not feeling overly rushed.

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