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The many hats of mental health

October 5, 2012

There are many “hats” when it comes to mental health: you may have experienced a mental illness such as depression, or you may have a friend, partner or family member you has.  You may be a medical or psychological professional who deals with patients on a daily basis.  You may be all of the above!

Mental health is everybody’s business, and Australian Rotary Health is recognising this in just 9 days time with their second annual Hat Day to raise money for mental health research.  From the Hat Day website:

Each year we provide more than $2 million to fund research grants and scholarships. With your help we can support even more researchers and PhD students complete studies into mental health and illness. You can read more about where your dollars go in our donor kit.

There’s also a TV ad:

Terry Davies from Australian Rotary Health explains more about what your donations help to fund and why it’s important:

“We receive applications each year to study the exact causes of dementia in brain development, trial online treatments to reduce anxiety and methods of helping those with a mental illness transition back into the workforce,” Mr. Davies says. “Unfortunately, we can only fund 6 percent of applications, making donations from the public extremely important. Donations can be made online at anytime.”

Pick out your hat over the weekend and get involved in an event near you, or host one at your workplace!

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