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Bullied in the workplace?

October 3, 2012

We’ve all experienced Monday-itis – the groans and grumbles of returning to work for a new week, especially if we’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend.

But some of us have Monday-itis that lasts throughout the week, and the feelings are more serious.  You may feel anxious or sick about going to work because of how you’re being treated.

The following are examples of workplace bullying from

  •  hurtful comments making fun of you or your work
  • sexual harassment
  • excluding you from workplace activities
  • playing mind games or ‘ganging up’
  • giving you pointless tasks that don’t help you do your job
  • making impossible demands; setting you up to fail
  • using your roster to deliberately make things difficult for you
  • withholding important info
  • physical violence, from pushing and tripping to outright attacks
  • threatening you with workplace equipment like knives or drills
  • initiation or ‘hazing’ rituals where you have to do something unacceptable or humiliating

What can you do if you’re experiencing any of the above on a repeated basis?  Firstly, see if your workplace is covered by an Employee Assistance Program, which will give you access to counselling.  Talking to a trusted, impartial person can help you manage your way through a situation that you may not be able to resolve immediately.

Further advice on what steps to take to resolve workplace bullying and your rights under the law can be found here.

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