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Do you hate inspirational quotes?

September 28, 2012

For every person who hits the “share” button on an inspirational quote, there’ll be a person behind to complain and roll their eyes.

Some of us take comfort in simple words of wisdom, while others don’t see such simple solutions.  Writer Sophia Dembling sums up what could be going on here in a poem from Donald Robert Perry Marquis:

there is always
a comforting thought
in times of trouble when
it is not our trouble

In other words, to paraphrase Dolly Parton, it’s easy to see rainbows when you’re not sitting in the rain.

Sometimes the solutions to our problems are not simple.  Sometimes they are, but we just can’t see a way through.  Perspective is all-important when facing life issues that threaten to topple us over.

Psychologists and counsellors are in a unique position to help because they are not personally involved in your life.  They can assist you to find creative solutions of your own when every road you try seems to end in a big pothole.

And who knows what you may come up with?  You could end up with a pithy quote of your very own to share with your friends.

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