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Is this the world’s greatest bipolar blocker?

September 25, 2012

Anyone who has experienced bipolar disorder knows that stability is the holy grail of daily living.  You may have been through various cycles of different medications to try and find something that balances your body chemistry.

But is there something in the natural world that holds the key to reducing bipolar symptoms?

John Grohol, editor-in-chief at PsychCentral, writes that Japan has one of the lowest rates of bipolar disorder in the world at 0.07 per cent.  In Australia, it is estimated around 2 per cent of the population has bipolar disorder.  Big difference.

Why might this be?

The Japanese diet is focused on fish and it is their main source of protein. Forbes contributor David DiSalvo delves into whether fish — and fish oil — may help ward off mental health concerns like bipolar disorder. Each Japanese person consumes about 154 pounds of fish a year.

There is a good, solid set of research studies that examine the link between brain health and Omega-3 fatty acids. While these studies can, by and large, only speak to the correlation between these two things, findings from these studies are pretty stable — and growing.

Looking at your diet is just one of the aspects of managing an ongoing condition like bipolar disorder.  Counselling and therapy can also assist in giving you tools to recognise shifts in mood and live a more stable life.

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