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AFL’s Dan Jackson: what men don’t talk about [video]

September 21, 2012

In this great video from youth mental health organisation Headspace, Richmond player Dan Jackson talks about the alarming statistic that young men are three times more likely to complete suicide than young women.

Why?  Because of what they don’t talk about.

The video is packed with invaluable advice from a range of men about why guys don’t talk about how they feel, how you make sure a friend is doing ok, what to do if your mate isn’t ok, where you can get help, and what you shouldn’t do or say.

All the speakers emphasise the importance of early intervention when a mate is not doing well, to stop little problems turning into big ones.  To be there to listen, and not feel you have to play the role of a professional – just creating a space where conversation can happen.

Dan Jackson in particular talks about the role that professional help from a psychologist can play: “We have a team psych that every player sees fortnightly if not weekly,” he says, showing that even for the big, tough heroes of the AFL, it’s good to talk.

In fact, it’s essential to keep them on their game, and you on yours.

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